Martin Kunze

Since school both art and science drew my attention in much the same manner. But I decided to take a third way and joined a monastery. The far too profane activities behind the abbey walls dispelled my juvenile religiosity out of my head and me out of the cloister. I ended up in the art academy and a blessed teacher introduced me into the secrets of ceramics. A lot of space for experiments - and analysis what went wrong. Ceramics also includes monotonous working which provides time to listen to lectures, audio books or creating own ideas in the head. I organized symposias and meetings between artists from east and west europe during the time the iron curtain had fallen.
Art and science are very similar: In order to get ahead you need not only be creative, you also need to take odd paths beside the main roads
Since childhood I buried time capsules, some already got found decades later. I don´t know, if I invented MOM or if MOM employs me, uses me to become a global project... Dealing with long periods and the realisation that we are only the past of the future and that - no matter how advanced we fancy ourselves - some day we and our endeavours/efforts/insights will be smiled to with leniency, makes me humble towards the flow of time.
As initiator of MOM in the meantime I am considered as specialist for long term archiving and i am invited to conferences and discussions, private or in public or to TV productions and documentaries.