Cv.Ivanova, L. Litov, R. Marinova,T. Ivanov2, M. Iosifov3, A.Dejnowicz-Velitchkov4

In this study, the authors take on the challenge to translate biological form (science) into musical form (art). Through scientifically developed methodology, the authors link two aspects of human experience that influence human emotions: hormones, from the inside, and music, from the outside. The authors develop an original algorithm, which they use to represent the properties and effects of the human hormone oxytocin in a musical composition. The authors performed a neurophysiological logical test to verify the accuracy of the musical interpretation and investigated the parallel neurological impacts of the hormone’s biological and musical form. This article describes the preliminary results of the study.

As described, we have developed an innovative methodology that effectively bridges art and science across the following disciplines: genetics, molecular interactions, human physiology, neurology and neuroaesthetics, which we will apply to the specific sets of hormones defining human emotions, in a project called Symphony of Emotions.

The developed methodology is innovative and creates bridges between Art & Science knowledge aiming to get one step further in the development of a “Complete mind: Study the Science of Art; Study the Art of Science. Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.” Leonardo da Vinci.
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