Image Purpose
Adding more dimensions of New Knowledge (Science-Art-Technology) production via co-creation, co-construction and co-production with scientific, educational, cultural, transformational and international impact.
Re is developing a methodology that integrates the research conducted at the atomic and molecular level in symbiosis with neurology, psychology, music, dance, theater and visual arts, thus creating a unifying platform of human culture.
  • Integrative Interdisciplinary Methodology architecture and functional development for future scenarios for policy making in social, educational, industry, cultural contexts
  • Art-Science-Technology Creation and Direction of social-cultural-educational events in variety of contexts: Public, Educational, Research and Development, International
  • Development of scenarios, tools, methodologies for innovative interdisciplinary education tools
  • Merging Science theory and Art practice via technological innovations as interface in order to produce innovative practices for science communication, via co-creation, co-construction and co-production
  • Interdisciplinary ways of Thinking and Knowing, New Knowledge sharing and production
  • Experiential and hybrid learning - Learning through Experience and Experience through Learning
  • Promotional studies and applications in integrating Art- Science-Technology
  • Funding for applied research scientists and research artists teams in the field of Art-Science-Technology integration and application with social, educational, cultural and international impacts
  • Support applied research and dissemination of Art- Science-Technology studies and their promotion
  • Implementation of international contacts and cooperation with similar organizations
  • to organize and financially support events, competitions, seminars, exhibitions, schools, conferences and symposia
  • Designs, organizes and provides Art- Science-Technology integrative tools and training
  • Interdisciplinary Art- Science-Technology research on the formation, expression and function of emotions