Relogia 2019


 19 – 24 NOVEMBER 2019

Under the honorable presidency of the Ministry of Education and Science.

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Welcome to Re:
My name is Cvetana Ivanova and I am the first student of Re: Re: teaches us about the parallels and mutual interconnectedness between our mental, emotional and physical world that are subjects in the different fields of knowledge we’ve developed throughout our human history – art, science, technology. The lessons are designed as multi-inter-trans-disciplinary projects and each one investigates the tri-vial Art-Sci-Tech relationship with embedded 5 impacts: scientific, educational, cultural, international and transformational.
The purpose of Re: is to build an integrative network between the different segments of knowledge and the conditions for such interdisciplinary research & development to take place. Same as science explores the fundamental ingredients of matter, Re: is developing Art & Science research methodologies to define the fundamental constructs of emotions – the grammar of embodied knowledge. Since emotion is a contextual phenomenon, the knowledge about it is spread across all disciplines and thus naturally appears as their tangent and intersection. Hence, the methodology of Re: is "You experience Art & Science experiences you".
Wishing you to be as inspired and grateful as I am throughout this glorious journey of self-discoveries.
Sincerely yours,
Cvetana Ivanova, founder & CEO of Re: foundation


We live in an age of relentless scientific developments transforming our ideologies and our world dramatically on a political, social and economic level. To clearly experience, understand and navigate the complex interconnectedness of the accelerating multidisciplinary reality we live in - a new paradigm is necessary to emerge from the synthesis of the drastic evolution of Science, Art and Technological frontiers.
Via adding new dimensions for new Knowledge production and communication through trialogues: “trivial” Art-Science-Innovation inclusion.Same as Science discovers the fundamental ingredients of Matter, Re: is developing an Art & Science research methodology to define the fundamental ingredients of Emotions the grammar of embodied knowledge: You experience Art & Science experiences You.
Art and Science inclusions as manifestations of the experience as a whole – where "Science provides understanding of universal experience. Art provides universal understanding of personal experience."
(Mae C. Jameson, Astronaut).
Both are mediated by Technology. The development of this inclusion will help solving one of the challenging issues within the society: a person’s divergence from contemporary scientific advances and innovations. Interactive technologies and communication are the realm of sharing intellectual, emotional and sensory experience, endlessly springing abundance of smart and interactive audio-visual mediums opening unexplored possibilities.