Relogia 2019


 19 – 24 NOVEMBER 2019

Under the honorable presidency of the Ministry of Education and Science.

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Agneshka Deynovich-Velichkov



Neurotherapy & biofeedback specialist, certified by the Polish Association of Clinical Neurophysiology (2007). Nevrotherapy practitioner and biofeedback therapist since 7 years - children with hyperactivity, attention problems, speech aphasia; adults with stress, depression, psychosomatic disorders, insomnia, post stroke conditions (Hristo Mutafchiev) and others. Neurofeedback therapist from Institut für EEG- Neurofeedback in Munich, Germany (2014). Pioneer in the application of biofeedback methods in Bulgaria. Organizer of neurofeedback training for specialists. Consultant of therapists and specialists in the implementation of neurofeedback in neurological clinics, BAS, universities, private practices, resource and day care centers. Guest of many shows as an expert in the field of advanced learning methods and biofeedback methods.