Relogia 2019


 19 – 24 NOVEMBER 2019

Under the honorable presidency of the Ministry of Education and Science.

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Aksiniya Peicheva

J.S. Bach : the Crab Cannon Rotational Installation

The work is a kinetic sculpture, presenting in 3D The Crab Cannon by J. S. Bach.
It`s an attempt to translate one of the most interesting cannons ever created from sound to image.
The Crab Cannon is a palindrome – whether played from the beginning or backwards – the melody sounds the same.
If we think about the melody as a piece of information, the work`s mission is to take this information from its environment and place it in a completely different one.
The process looks a lot like the adaptation of an organism to a different medium. Each term, for example the term `sound` has to be explored, studied and then his characteristics to be found in an image. This image is the rhombus, which other than its other qualities, is a never ending figure, which has the ability to `draw itself numerous times`.
The melody is in fact not the column itself but the projection of the light on the surrounding, each light representing a particular sound.
The issues the work raises are – how is it possible for a certain piece of information `to travel` from one medium to another without any harm and if It`s already managed to prove itself as important and furthermore beautiful, would it manage to be as beautiful in the other?