Relogia 2019


 19 – 24 NOVEMBER 2019

Under the honorable presidency of the Ministry of Education and Science.

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Gergana Dimitrova

“Sense of Universe” opening performance in collaboration with Ivaylo Milenkov and Peter Meltev

theatre director & playwright
Gergana Dimitrova is Bulgarian theatre director, playwright and translator. She was born in 1975 in Bourgas, graduated in Cultural Studies from the University of Sofia (2000) and in Theatre Directing from Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts in Berlin (2005) and the National Academy of Theatre & Film in Sofia (2007).
With two other theatre directors, Mladen Alexiev and Vassilena Radeva, founded in 2007 "36 Singes", a NGO "for contemporary alternative art and culture".[2] Each one of them keeps and expresses his personality in his own creations. As a triumvirate, they direct projects oriented towards the translation and promotion of new texts. Gergana Dimitrova is perhaps the only one among them who has directed on a big stage. Her creation of Fritz Kater's Zeit zu lieben zeit zu sterben (Time to Love Time to Die) in the Varna Dramatic Theatre impresses of its richness of thought, precise theatre language and the capacity of synthesis that emerges from this expressive universe.
Gergana Dimitrova is one of the creators of the "ProText" platform. It's a several-year program, devoted to research, promotion and the presentation of new plays, young writers and new aesthetics.
She won "Ikar" award of the Union of Bulgarian Artists in 2012 for best theatre play (for P.O. Box Unabomber co-written with Zdrava Kamenova) and "Ikar" for best director the same year (for the performance P.O. Box Unabomber).