Michael Hoch

Physicist, founder of Art@CMS, CERN

ArtCollages “The GodParticleHuntingMachine” of the series of Natural Science 2013

I have been working for several years as a member of the CMS Collaboration mainly on the central tracker. The CMS experiment is a science installation as high as a 6-floor building, designed for measuring subatomic processes produced by collisions of protons in the LHC. This huge measuring device is built with a precision of a thickness of a human hair. It takes 40 000 000 pictures per second of the proton collisions which create states of matter predicted by theory but not yet observed. Both CMS and the LHC are not only engineering marvels and at the forefront of science and technology, but have intrinsic geometries with exceptional aesthetics that can be viewed as work of art. The aesthetics of CMS are associated with its functionality as gigantic measuring device. Periodic multiplicities emerge out of the physical measurement constraints. A strict scientific precision allows us to unfold the secrets of nature. In my artwork the humans designed strict scientific apparatus merge with the quasi chaotic appearance of nature. However nature also follows strict rules in its creation.