Relogia 2019


 19 – 24 NOVEMBER 2019

Under the honorable presidency of the Ministry of Education and Science.

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Pier Luigi Paolucci

Acrylic painting: The Forms of the Infinite 2014

[From Paco Falco With physicist Pier Luigi Paolucci INFN/IT]
To decipher the codes of genesis, to reveal the design of the great architect of the universe, the equation of life even before life, of sound even before sound, of colour even before colour. To travel backwards along the way of creation, searching for an equilibrium between the infinite and a tormenting perfection. To seek the significance of the birth of sense. To abandon oneself to the “mad flight” of the eternal challenge between God and man. Paco Falco’s research wanders into the darkness of sound where colour is generated in light and matter acquires form, emerging pure and luminous from the incessant labour of forces engaged in a struggle, the sense of which appears to be inscrutable.
Is God revealing himself upon defeating the devil in an eternal battle or no? Perhaps God has nothing to do with it. No point in casting the glove of challenge. Matter and the universe are neither damned nor blessed. Enough researching. Even along the impassable paths that lead to ancestral reigns, lacking coordinates within dilating space in an immeasurable time. The instruments are an explosion of colours, the unimaginable velocities leaving a trace of their course. Dark matter reveals its tints in the reunification of the infinite points that is composed of. It imposes itself, giving consistency to an apparent inconsistency. The beginning after the explosion of chaos lightly emerges, placid, beyond the reticules. It isn’t frightening. The meaning outlines itself in traits without anguish. The infinitely small may be perceived through the light and its passage leaves an inviting trace.