Relogia 2019


 19 – 24 NOVEMBER 2019

Under the honorable presidency of the Ministry of Education and Science.

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Hristo Kolev

science advisor
Hristo Kolev is a Master of Medical and Pharmacological Chemistry. Believes that modern science is multi-disciplinary and requires scientists to be encyclopedists in all fields and forms. Seven years ago, he under- stood that transferring knowledge and communicating scientific ideas was just as important as discovering a new molecule or a new physical law. Then, for the first me, he began using aesthetics and conceptual installations as instruments and carriers of scientific knowledge. Thus he began to participate in art exhibitions and festivals with the sole purpose of making science part of the pop culture. His latest conceptual work was presented during this year's Digital Art Festival (DA Fest), where he challenges the audience with an image that does not belong to our physical reality or in other words: it's a hallucination! Known for his public lectures at the Sofia Science Festival, TEDx and the popular science forum "Ratio".