Relogia 2019


 19 – 24 NOVEMBER 2019

Under the honorable presidency of the Ministry of Education and Science.

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Dr. Kamen Kozarev

science advisor
earned his PhD degree in Astronomy from Boston University, after which he worked for four years at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. He is currently an Assistant Research Professor at the Institute of Astronomy with National Astronomical Observatory of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.Kamen’s research focuses on space-based telescopic observations of solar eruptions, which eject massive clouds of plasma and magnetic fields in interplanetary space. He also works on developing and analyzing analytical and numerical models of the acceleration of charged particles in large solar eruptions. Kamen’s interests include informal science education and the popularization of science. He is a longtime mentor and lector at the Space Challenges informal educational program, which introduces young people in Bulgaria to space science, technology, and business. He is one of the creators of the new digital 3D planetarium at the Regional Natural History Museum in Plovdiv, Bulgariа.